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Prophecies Decoded

Prophecies Decoded
Can The Past Reveal Your Future?

A series of presentations - Five nights a week starting on September 30 and continuing through October 29.
7:30pm - FREE!

Friday, October 21: The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God
Saturday, October 22: The Beauty and the Beast of Revelation
Monday, October 24: The Remnant's Use of Time, Treasure and Talent
Tuesday, October 25: The One Thousand Year Millennium
Wednesday, October 26: Revelation's Lake of Fire
Friday, October 28: Heaven and the Apocalypse
Saturday, October 29: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Your Life

Click here to read about speaker Dr. Ron Clouzet.

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You can find previous evenings' presentations on the Prophecies Decoded website!  Click here.

For more information please call 941-416-0579 or visit www.propheciesdecoded.com