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Sarasota CHIP - 2009
Coronary Health Improvement Project

Some of the most commonly shared health concerns of today include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight-gain and heart problems. Amazingly, these maladies are virtually unknown to Asian or African cultures.  “In my 16 years of teaching student nurses in Africa, I saw only one incidence of ‘heart attack’ and rarely any of the lifestyle problems so common among Americans,” states Rilla Taylor, RN and CHIP co-ordinator. 
As the economy tightens, the cost of medications used on a long-term basis to control these conditions is becoming a hardship in many homes. For years, there have been live-in programs (costing several thousand dollars and a month away from home) that address the control of these conditions by lifestyle. CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) offers the same opportunity by presenting guidelines one can easily follow, at an affordable cost and without traveling to a distant health spa. 

In just five weeks you can improve your health with simple lifestyle changes.  Participants have routinely reported drops in cholesterol levels, reduction of blood pressure and diabetes medications, weight loss, higher energy levels and a better night's rest.
CHIP includes learning sessions provided by the founder of the project, Dr. Hans Diehl, DHSc, MPH.  Participants will also learn cooking tips and be encouraged with an exercise regiment to help make lifestyle changes towards achieving their goals.

For testimonials and more information about this program please visit
www.sdachip.org or www.CHIPhealth.com

For more information contact CHIP director Rilla Taylor at 941.952.8791.

The opening health screen will be Sunday, September 13, 7-11am.

Monday September 14 to Thursday October 15 - Classes will be held each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30-8:30pm. 
Please note there will be an extra class on Wed. Sept. 16.

All sessions will be held in the Fellowship Hall.
Each class will include a light supper. 
Child care will be provided each evening.

Participant Fees:
$250/person     $350/couple
$75/returning alumni
additional $25 for nursing CEUs

Topics covered:
Week 1: Miracles, Medicines and Mirages; Portrait of a Killer; Stalking the Killer; Eat More and Weigh Less
Week 2: The Magic of Fiber; Reversing Hypertension and Disarming Diabetes; Effective Cholesterol Control
Week 3: Fats in the Fire; Walk for Your Life; Osteoporosis: Calcium Robbers
Week 4: Lifestyle and Health; Reversing Disease with Knife and Fork; Diet and Cancer
Week 5: Atherosclerosis of the Mind; The Gift of Forgiveness; Building Self-Esteem